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Sync Mobile Calendar, Contacts & Email with MobileSync

MobileSync allows real-time sync of (push) email, calendars and contacts on their iPhone®, iPad®, Android® or Windows® device.


Sync and backup your contacts from a mobile device to webmail and Outlook. If you lose your phone, you can restore your contacts by adding your email address back to device.

Push Email

Instant email delivery with push email. Email arrives instantly without checking or refreshing for new messages.


Get your email calendar on your phone. Whether you add an event on your phone or Outlook, you can be sure you will get reminded with MobileSync calendar app.

Built on Microsoft’s ActiveSync protocol, our mobile sync service uses push technology to sync data instantly.

Contacts Backup

With MobileSync, you can backup your mobile device contacts and calendars to the exchange server.
instant push email

Instant Push Email

With instant push email, you can enjoy even faster delivery speeds and will no longer have to refresh the mobile mail app to check for new messages.
Mobile calendar

Works on all devices

Our calendar and contact sync app is fully supported on all smartphone mobile devices.

Setup Thexyz MobileSync

See a full list of Supported Devices and Setup Instructions for MobileSync